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‘For to us a child is born to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.’ Isa 9:6

In 2001, Katherine Walden, the overseer of “I Lift My Eyes Ministries” created Blessings of Christmas as a personal expression of her love for the central focus of Christmas – Jesus Christ.  At first, she kept the site homey and personal as she shared the website only with personal friends and family. At their urging, she decided to share her joy with the rest of the world as well! 2013 marks the migration of the site to a modern format although all the favourite writings and articles may still be found on this site!

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Christmas is a time of preparation and of celebration of the birth of our Lord, the Messiah, Jesus Christ. It is a time for fellowship, warmth, gifts, and song, good food, parties and memories, but we at I lift My Eyes Ministries hope to make Christ center of our Christmas season. We invite you to read the inspirational Christmas Story the birth of Jesus – to understand the reason why we celebrate this season and why we give our hearts to him. Jesus is much more to us than the infant in the cradle, watched over by his mother Mary and Joseph and the shepherds and announced through praise and worship by the angels. That baby in the manger was only the beginning of mankind’s redemption. We hope in the season of giving as you dash around town, trying to find that perfect gift for someone that has everything, that you will bring his light and wholeness to those who have nothing and those who are struggling, those who feel forgotten and those who  overlooked. Spread the spirit of giving beyond your children, family and friends.

A Christmas Creed

I believe in Jesus Christ and in the beauty of the gospel begun in Bethlehem.

I believe in the one whose spirit glorified a little town;  and whose spirit still brings music to persons all over the world, in towns both large and small.

I believe in the one for whom the crowded inn could find no room, and I confess that my heart still sometimes wants to exclude Christ from my life today.

I believe in the one who the rulers of the earth ignored and the proud could never understand; whose life was among common people, whose welcome came from persons of hungry hearts.

I believe in the one who proclaimed the love of God to be invincible:

I believe in the one whose cradle was a mother’s arms, whose modest home in Nazareth had love for its only wealth, who looked at persons and made them see what God’s love saw in them, who by love brought sinners back to purity, and lifted human weakness up to meet the strength of God.

I confess my ever-lasting need of God: The need of forgiveness for our selfishness and greed, the need of new life for empty souls, the need of love for hearts grown cold.

I believe in God who gives us the best of himself.

I believe in Jesus, the son of the living God, born in Bethlehem this night, for me and for the world.

©Walter Russell Bowie

©2013 Katherine Walden

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